All About The Eyes

If there’s one thing we can all agree on in 2020, it’s that self-care is an absolute must. We argue that one of the best ways to give yourself some TLC is to put on some good music, reach for your makeup bag, and put on a full beat.

In 2021, in terms of make-up, courtesy of our prescribed face masks, the trends will continue to be all about the eyes.

Available when you need, we deliver the latest trends showcasing the boldest eye makeup trends. From neon eyeliner to glossy lids, we’ve got a good feeling you’ll walk away feeling inspired and ready to try something new.

Heres some top trends everyone is talking about

1. Colourful Eyelashes

Applying a few layers of colourful mascara is one of the easiest ways to incorporate a pop of colour into your makeup look. It’s subtle enough to not feel like a major commitment, but it’ll still make you feel like an extrovert

Here are the easiest ways to achieve the look. If you're using a colourful mascara, make sure to prep your lashes first so the colour shows through. Alternatively you can purchase a set of colourful lashes and go crazy!


2. Neon Eyeliner

This is similar to wearing mascara in a colorful hue, only this time we're working with eyeliner (liquid or pencil) and the idea is to stick with neon hues, like lime green, hot pink, bright orange, splashy yellow, and electric blue. People are obsessed with the neon eyeliner trend right now. A bold, bright liner is a great way to incorporate a little splash of colour into your look without a ton of effort. From scattered lines to bright washes of colour, neons are an instant head turner and eye opener accessible for all ages and styles of makeup.

The best way to create this look and still feel chic is to use a very thin liner brush to create a wing. If you go with pencil, draw on a thin line and smudge it out with an angled eyeliner brush. If a wing is not your thing or you find it too hard to create, add a dash to the inner corner of the eye, at the centre of the eye, or a dash at the outer corner of the eye.

3. Glossy Lids

While the first couple trends play with colour, this one’s all about texture. Glossy lids feel fresh, unexpected, and turn your makeup into a moving piece of art as you catch light throughout the day

You will either need to have a coloured eye gloss or apply a clear over your favourite colour of matte eye shadow.

Start by taking the applicator and apply the product directly to your lids until your lid is covered. Stop at the crease, though – otherwise this can get messy. With any eye gloss you will need to touch up every hour or two similar to as you would a lip-gloss. You can do this with your fingertip or a synthetic brush. You can also add a touch of gloss to a smoky eye

4. Eye Blush

This is a soft and romantic look that can be customised to look amazing on any skin tone

Take either a blush-tone shade of eye shadow or your favourite blush. With a blending brush, apply the shadow all over the lid up to the brow bone. This works well as a soft colour, but you can also go in with a more vibrant hue.

As you’re applying, channel that soft and feminine blush-application energy – blended, soft, and warm. Everyone has those colours in their favourite eyeshadow palettes that have never seen the light of day. Instead of keeping them on the bench, bump them up to the first string and blend two similar shades. The results will be 'gram-worthy.